Always thinking of our customers we offer the following activities in our Programs:


The Tunnels – Snorkeling (and fishing if it is a full private charter)

This excursion starts with a 45 boat ride to Roca Union where we will circumnavigate this pinnacle rock in the middle of the ocean. We will see Nazca boobies, if we are lucky, blue-footed boobies, iguanas and sea lions perched on the rock. From here we continue our journey keeping our eye out for giant manta rays. On occasion, dolphins and whales have been spotted in this area. The Tunnels is a site named by local fisherman where they go diving for lobsters in tunnels formed by lavel flows under the sea. There are natural lava bridges and arches above the water that were formed by cooling lava after an eruption of Volcano Cero Azul many years ago. You will have the opportunity to snorkle here and take a short walk on the lava rocks. The marine life is amazing. Hopefully you will see white tipped reef sharks sleeping in caves in a nearby location called Finado.

Duration: approximately 5 hours


Tintoreras – Snorkeling and land visit

This island is a unique and fragile enviroment formed of A’A lava and home to an abundance of wildlife. Your visit beigins with a short boat ride to Tintoreras. It is an easy, one hour walk on a sandy path, observing marine iguanas, sea birds, sea lions and white tipped reef sharks resting in a shallow crevice which you will view from the land. There will be a boat ride looking for penguins, birds and other marine life. Your snorkeling adventure will be determined by the tide. Your captain and guide will take you to either La Calera or Loberia Chica. Some of the marine creaturs to be observed are marine turtles, rays and colorful reef fish, starfish, and look for octupus!

Duration: approximately 3 hours


Sucre´s cave, Triplets, Mango Gazebo

Visit to Sucre´s cave, located 14Km of Villamil Port, placed in the agricultural area of the Island. Enjoy a short walk to appreciate the typical vegetation and endemic plants. Continue to Mango Gazevo from where you have panoramic views of southern Isabela and the agricultural area. This is also a place for finch birds’ observation. Later visit the Triplets, extinct volcanic vents, walk in the area to discover the local vegetation.

Duration: approximately 3 hours


Volcan Chico & Sierra Negra

Sierra Negra is one of the most active volcanoes of the archipelago, its recent eruption took place in 2005. The volcano’s crater is considered the second largest in the world with a diameter of 10kms. Volcan Chico is also an active volcano, sulfur vents can be seen in this area. This is an approximately 6 hour’s walk tour to appreciate all the splendor of the volcanoes. You will enjoy a box lunch in the area.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Kayaking – Paddle to the Penguins

Kayaking is a wonderful excursion and the best way to be one to one with nature to observe the behavior of the penguins, sea lions, birds and the various marine life. It is easy and fun for all ages! No motors, no noise, just nature!


Surfing – surf or your own or learn to surf!

Enjoy the waves or take a class and learn from a local champion!

Duration: approximately 2 ½ hours


Isla Tortuga – Snorkeling, fishing, bird watching – no landing – private charters only.

On this tour you will take a small boat to the neighboring island of Isla Tortuga which is an approximate 20 minute ride. This is an uninhabited, sunken volcanic caldera, with steep slopes and alternating valleys and ridges that harbor tropic birds, nesting frigate birds, swallow-tail gulls, more sea lions, and more iguanas. Isla Tortuga is a great site for bird watching and snorkeling. You may even get to experience dolphins which occasionally pass by. Duration: approximately 3 hours

*price upon reguest (private charters only)


Biking – Tortoise Tracking to the Wall of Tears/Muro de Lagrimas

Our bike ride will be approximately 8 miles bike ride along a sandy, gravel road paralleling the beach until we get to the wetlands with lagoons and trails leading to precious tiny beaches, bountiful birds, iguanas and beautiful vistas. Observe the oldest and largest black mangrove tree in Galapagos at the hidden estuary. Learn the history of Isabela as a penal colony at the Wall of Tears while exploring this transition zone by bicycle. En route to the Wall of Tears, our obejctive is to find the tortoises that are sleeping along side the road.

Duration: approximately 3-5 hours


Biking to the Breeding Center

This bike tour will take us to see flamingos in two different lagoons. We will visit the breeding center to see the various species of land tortoises from early hatchlings through 100 years old. After learning about our Galapagos tortoises, explore the town and finally ending with a refreshing swim and snorkel in Concha de Perla!

Duration: approximately 3 hours


Minas de Azufre – Full day trekking adventure

You will take a 40 min bus ride to the base of the Sierra Negra Volcano. From here you will hike or ride for 3-4 hrs until reaching the sulfur mines. Your guide will explain the local uses of sulfur. In the past, these mines were used for this mineral. En route look for paradise fly catchers, hawks, wimbrels, martins, and other various species.


Cuatro Hermanos – Snorkeling and fishing (only on private charter)

Take a small boat to a group of four small islets, aptly named Cuatro Hermanos (Four Brothers). The islet/rocks steep slopes house sea birds, sea lions, and marine iguanas. Cuatro Hermanos is another excellent excursion for snorkeling and observing other types of marine life including pelagic fish turtles, manta rays, and more. On the northern side of one of the four brothers, there is a fascinating cave, where it is possible to snorkle if the water is calm.

Duration: approximately 3 hours


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